Baginbox White 5 L




The Baginbox is an ideal solution for storing your wine. Made up of a cardboard box and a flexible saddle, this bag in box system allows you, thanks to its oxygen barrier, to keep your wine and its aromas after opening.

An aluminum or transparent pocket with its VITOP faucet allows an impeccable service.

This wine is composed of

Grenache blanc : Angles of narcissus, flower of privet. This grape variety makes it possible to obtain dry white wines rich and warm, long in the mouth; They possess fat and bread.

Vermentino (or Rolle, or Garbesso) This variety has always been present in Italy, Sardinia and Corsica. The cultivation takes place in the regions bordering the Mediterranean, mainly in Provence (Côtes de Provence, Bellet), Corsica (Corsica Calvi), Languedoc (Côtes du Roussillon, Costières de Nîmes) and the Rhône (Côtes du Luberon ) .Arm of wild dill, hawthorn, chamomile, fennel, hazelnut; Then mature apricot notes, floral notes, vine peach notes, grapefruit, pear, apple, very fruity.

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