Baginbox Merlot 5 L




The Baginbox is an ideal solution for storing your wine. Made up of a cardboard box and a flexible saddle, this bag in box system allows you, thanks to its oxygen barrier, to keep your wine and its aromas after opening.

An aluminum or transparent pocket with its VITOP faucet allows an impeccable service.

Merlot 100%
The aromas of Merlot are fruity red fruit types: strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, red cherry. Depending on the climate of the vintage, these aromas can take a confiturated expression. Then come the touches of prune, violet, sweet spices and leather or blonde fur.
It allows to create round wines, powerful, rich in alcohol and in color, not very acid. These full-bodied and structured wines, with rather supple tannins, are favored by a breeding under wood, and thus acquire a nice aging potential. The wines from Merlot represent a fairly accurate synthesis of the ideal red wine, fleshy and with a beautiful fruity material in the mouth. This is the main reason for its success in France and then throughout the world.

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