Baginbox Red 5 L




The Baginbox is an ideal solution for storing your wine. Made up of a cardboard box and a flexible saddle, this bag in box system allows you, thanks to its oxygen barrier, to keep your wine and its aromas after opening.

An aluminum or transparent pocket with its VITOP faucet allows an impeccable service.

This wine is composed of

Syrah 80%
Intense color, very aromatic, fine and complex, tannic, structured and relatively low acid, suitable for aging. This grape variety also makes it possible to make fruity roses very pleasant to drink.
Aromas of banana, cocoa, cinnamon, blackcurrant, cherry, bitter chocolate, leather, spices (peppered notes), raspberry, ripe raspberry evolving with time to notes of pepper, wild raspberry, (Leather and skin), olive, licorice, undergrowth, blond tobacco, truffle, violet …

Grenache 20%
Aromas of banana, cocoa, coffee, blackcurrant, spices, ripe fig, hay, raspberry, ripe fruit.

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